Effective Marketing with Custom Tote Bags

Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Reusable tote bags are becoming tremendously popular. Not only are they used by those embracing the new “green” way of life, but they appeal to the practical-minded and the trendy alike. Grocery stores and department stores are rushing to sell them. In other words, they are such a desirable item that people will buy them.

When a company gives a promotional tote bag away, it’s something the recipient wants and values. It is a sturdy, handy item that will function like a mini-billboard for your company. Tote bags are not going to be discarded, and they are not going to sit unused. Instead, they’ll be seen in stores, markets, businesses, and on campuses. People will take them to the library, to the pool, to sports events, to class, and more. Business people carry these totes everywhere, especially when attending meetings or traveling.

Unlike many of the bags on the market right now directly available to consumers, custom tote bags look better and have feature upgrades the grocery-store totes don’t. They come in desirable colors and designs, including trendy colors like bright yellow-orange, lime green, and vivid lilac. Some feature stunning black handles and geometric patterns, while others team neutrals like white and khaki with the new jewel tones.

Style Features

Tote Bag

Some tote bags sport zip closures, secure Velcro© fasteners, drawstrings, or fold over tops, while the open-top style always looks classic. Interior pockets add to their desirability and ensure their continued use. If they are being used, your logo or business name is being seen, again and again, not only by the person using the tote, but all the people they encounter.

How to decorate?

Tote Bag

How is a logo applied to a tote bag? Screen-printing is a durable, standard method for placing a logo or phrase onto a tote, lasting through hundreds of uses, and it works on inexpensive non-woven totes as well as woven ones. Some logos or designs are placed using a heat transfer method that yields crisp, vivid images. Premium woven totes made out of cotton are often embroidered, adding a classy touch, as well as being extremely durable.

More than ever, totes are a cost-effective way to build goodwill, cement brand or service loyalty, and garner exposure in a variety of desirable settings.