Computer Bags

Promotional computer bags arethebest way to carry your computer and other important itemsto work, school or when traveling. Computer bags are available in traditional and contemporary styling. Make a great impression with logo computer bags.

  • Promotional laptop bags make useful gifts for employees or clients
  • Custom computer bags perfect gifts for graduating seniors and college students

Horizontal, Vertical and Handbag promotional laptop bags

Computer Bag
Computer Bag
  • Grab handles and/or shoulder straps allow various ways to carry logo computer bags
  • Large outer pockets can give easy access to commonly used documents and items.
  • Interior features on logo computer bags such as pen pockets, multi compartments for business cards, headphone ports help with organization
  • Small outer pockets on more casual styles can hold water bottles, notepads, cell phones, media items
  • Front zippered pocket with organizer panel on Custom computer bags can be very useful
  • Paddedinterior pockets on the promotional laptop bags provides your computer extra protection
  • Made in various sizes, colors and materials

Rolling custom computer bags

Computer Bag

  • Rolling Promotional laptop bags are very functional
  • Rolling styles offer shoulder relief for heavy loads
  • Multi compartment styles on logo computer bags offer organized spaces for items like pens, business cards, mobile phones, MP3s, etc.
  • Telescoping handles on custom computer bags hideaway
  • Paddedinterior and padded removable sleeve pockets provides your computer extra protection

OTHER FEATURES of custom computer bags

Computer Bag


  • Horizontal or vertical
  • Traditional, contemporary, wheeled


  • Nylon, canvas, polyester, leather, vinyl


  • Handy features for cell phones, headphones, electronics
  • Padded computer pockets or removable sleeve padded sleeve for extra protection


  • Clasp, zipper, zip top, fold over clasp


  • Cushioned straps for heavier use
  • Adjustable length
  • Shoulder strap only or grab handle and shoulder strap


  • Telescoping handle on rolling styles
  • Size and type of wheels
  • Strength and durability of wheels on rolling styles

CONSIDERATIONS when selecting promotional computer bags

Q: Who will receive the custom computer bag?
A: Intended use of the promotional laptop bags school, business, executives, gifts.

Ease of closure, ease of accessibility of items in computer bag.

Style of promotional computer bags traditional, messenger, vertical or horizontal, wheeled, and handbag style for women.
Size always consider the size of your laptop computer.
Material durability of material based on planned use.

Special features of custom computer bags interior and exterior pockets, compartments, padded in closures, media storage, and headphone ports.