Promotional Backpacks

For comfort and ease carry a personalized backpack. Perfect for travel, work, school or just for fun:

  • Drawstring or cinch custom backpacks are great tradeshow giveaways
  • Custom backpacks can be good options for casual business use, travel, students, families, camps and youth groups

Drawstrings/Cinch and Slings

Backpack Backpack
  • The drawstring or cinch promotional bags adaptable design can be carried over your shoulder or on your back.
  • Drawstring or cinch bags usually open at the top giving easy access.
  • Sling style custom backpacks have a single adjustable strap to be worn on the shoulder or slung across your back
  • Various features such as pockets, multi compartments, headphone ports
  • Made in various sizes, colors and materials

Traditional Backpacks

  • Wholesale backpacks are very functional
  • Front pocket styles provide easy access to your promotional backpack
  • Adjustable Back straps for carrying ease
  • Multi compartment styles offer organized spaces
  • Outer pockets are useful for water bottles, notepads, etc
  • Backpacks designed for Hiking or outdoors may have additional features such as padded back panel, adjustable waist belt


  • Adjustable back strap styles and even rolling custom backpacks options
  • Multi compartment/accessory pockets offer function for items like mobile phones, MP3s, etc.
  • Outer pockets are useful for water bottles, notepads, etc
  • Padded interior pocket provides your computer extra protection

OTHER FEATURES of backpacks


  • Various dimensions to fit your needs
  • Compu-backpacks consider the size of your laptop computer


  • Nylon, canvas, polyester


  • Handy features for cell phones, headphones, electronics
  • Padded computer pockets for extra protection


  • Drawstring, clasp, zipper


  • Cushioned straps for heavier
  • Adjustable length
  • Single (sling back) vs. double (traditional)

CONSIDERATIONS when selecting promotional Backpacks

Q: Who will receive the logo backpacks?
A: Intended use of the custom backpacks gym, sport, outdoor, school, business, computer bag, casual or business.

Style of promotional backpacks sling, drawstring, traditional, compu-backpack.
Material durability of material based on planned use.
Special features interior and exterior pockets, compartments, padded in closures, media storage, and headphone ports.