What Value to Promotional Knives have?

There are a number of businesses that could benefit from using Promotional knives as promotional Products for their Clients. Here is a look at just a few of them.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

If you are in the kitchen remodeling business, consider how helpful it would be to have a knife to provide to prospective clients for advertising purposes.  Besides being very useful, each time someone picks up the knife they are reminded if they ever need kitchen remodeling done to call you.  These can be used for cold calls, for trade shows or for placement on the counter in a storefront. They can also be given out when estimates are written or for a variety of other promotions.

Bait and Tackle Shops

Anglers are always looking for something handy to cut fishing line, unscrew something on a reel or help them do a quick repair on their fishing rod.  What could be more appropriate than a pocket knife provided with your contact information to remind them where to go when they need new bait and tackle?  Promotional knives are perfect for driving repeat traffic, after all everyone loves getting something for nothing! Promotional knives are perfect to say, “Thanks for shopping with us” or for sending out “consider shopping with us” packages to potential clients.

Shipping Companies

If you’re in the freight business, a box cutter style knife could be just the thing to drive additional sales and get your name in front of potential customers. It also helps your existing customers remember your name and contact information.  Giving out a handy knife after you have made a certain number of deliveries (for a customer) or dropping one off when you’re visiting a new location will keep your name in front of everyone.  These cost effective promotional knives could continue to bring you more business.

Hunting Gear Distributors

There are few tools that come in handier when hunting than a knife. They can be used to cut away excess brush, used to create smaller kindling wood, carving (for those times when hunting is just slow) and a variety of other uses. If you sell hunting gear you might want to consider using promotional knives as a way of not only attracting new customers, but as a way of thanking your existing clients.  Not only is this a thoughtful item, but it’s a great way to promote your business.

Any Industry

Years ago it was perfectly acceptable to give co-workers and employees gifts of food, wine and even other hard liquors. Today, with more concern about allergies, some people being offended with gifts of wine and hard liquor it is more practical to thank your staff members with a “Thanks for a great year” gift of a handsome knife set.  Not only can this be a cost effective gift, but it’s also one that is practical and eliminates the need to worry about someone being offended.  Promotional knives don’t just have to be for promotions, they can be a cost effective way to thank those who make a difference in your business – from your receptionist to your salesmen.


These are merely a few of the businesses that could benefit from offering promotional knives to their clients and prospective clients.  If you stop and consider the various types of promotional knives that are available, your industry can benefit from these cost effective gifts as well. In addition to being a great thank you for doing business with us; they can also be a great tool for getting new customers.