“How to Buy Promotional Products That Get Attention, Make an Impression — and Boost Your Bottomline!”

Promotional Product Promotional Product Promotional Product Promotional Product Promotional Product Promotional Product Promotional Product

Promotional products are a great way to communicate your company message without being intrusive and they have staying power.

Promotional products are advertising tools that work! Unlike many other methods of advertising that seem like an annoyance, promo products are welcomed by prospects because they have a useful nature and — they’re a tactful way to get your message across without being intrusive. Promo products give your company an advantage because repeated exposure to your powerful marketing message or brand is a completely voluntary choice by your prospects.

Use your advertising dollars wisely — buy promo products that continue to spread your marketing message long after your prospects or clients receive them.

Things to consider when selecting promotional products

  • Define a goal for your promotional products. Do you want to educate customers, increase sales, or create brand awareness? Do you want to appeal to new customers or reward loyal customers? What goals do you want to accomplish with your promo products? Your goals determine what promotional products you should choose.
  • Identify your audience. Are your prospects older, younger? Do they spend a lot of time at home, or do they work long hours? Do they spend hours commuting in their car? The more you know about your audience, the better you will be at selecting promo products you know will appeal to them. Try to give your prospects promotional products that they can use. Don’t buy items that are of no use to your audience. The more they use the item, the more often they will be exposed to your message and brand.
  • Use promotional products that enhance your service or product. Give away promotional products that compliment your business type. For example if you sell exercise apparel, a water bottle or gym bag would make a great promotional giveaway.
  • Quality of promotional products you choose to giveaway. Make an effort to find promo products that are good quality items. The products you choose are a direct representation of your company and how you regard your customers. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Why you should use promotional products

Promotional products get attention because they are useful--this makes a impression on your prospects and your ad dollars go a long way since your marketing message continues to be communicated every time a prospect sees or uses your customized promo product.

Here are just some of the benefits you gain when using promotional products:

  • Ability to encourage your customers to buy—bundle a free promotional product with a purchase - Package a related promotional product as a “free bonus item” with items you are trying to sell. They add value to the purchase in the mind of your prospects. The promo product will continue to market to your customers with each use even after the sale.
  • Compliment the effectiveness of other advertising mediums – use customized promotional products to improve the success of your other advertising methods such as print, radio and television. Your prospects continue to see your marketing message over and over long after the other advertising media are over--giving them staying power.
  • Reasonably-priced way to advertise- promotional products are an affordable way to advertise your product or service and they continue marketing your message as long as they are in use--this give you added value to your investment!
  • Improves customer relations – prospects will remember your brand, product or service more than any other because continued exposure to your promo products increase their level of awareness.
  • Good quality, well-made promotional products – quality items appeal to your prospects and show that your company put forth effort into finding promotional products that are of good quality. This has a positive reflection on your company image.

How to use promotional products for your marketing campaign

You can customize a promotional product to enhance your marketing message, your product or service. Giving a promo product that is related to your marketing or business goals is a great way to boost brand awareness and ultimately sales.

Promotional products are also easy to package with your primary product or service to give away as a “FREE” bonus or incentive to encourage prospects to buy. They see this as added value to the money they are investing in your product or service.

Events are a great opportunity for distributing customized and memorable marketing messages with promotional products. They can be given away to attract passers by, or as giveaways to show your company’s appreciation. Here are just some venues you can use to spread your message or help build your brand:

  • Trade Shows
  • Booth Visitation
  • Seminars/Conferences
  • Fundraising/Charity Events
  • Company Promotions
  • Business Networking Meetings
  • Educational Institutions/Universities
  • Non-profit Organization Events
  • Private Parties and many more…

Here are some great promotional product ideas:

Drinkware, coffee mugs, glasses – Customize drinkware with your company name, logo, and contact information. Your prospects are reminded of your company products and services every time they take a sip.

Bags and totes – Your clients or prospects will appreciate the variety of handsome briefcases, computer totes, insulated cooler bags and the usefulness and mobility these promo bags give.

Folios and notebooks – Help your clients and prospects stay organized in their fast-paced life. Every use reinforces your marketing message.

Customized pens, pencils, executive sets, highlighters and more – Imprint your company information on these affordable and handy promo items that your prospects or clients can easily carry around with them or pass on to others to spread your company message.

Forte Promotions has a large selection of promo products from a long list of categories to choose from for your next special event or giveaway:

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