Customized Stress Balls Buying Guide

Promotional Product - Punching Bag Stress Ball

Custom Imprinted Stress Balls are great stress relievers. Stress balls come in many colors and a variety of sizes. Reach for squishy Promotional Stress Balls to take out your frustrations or keep your hands busy.

  • A time tested classic Custom Imprinted stress balls may be right for your promotion, tradeshow giveaway or employee gift
  • Squeeze Balls with Custom Logos are great for all industries
  • Knowing that Promotional Imprinted stress balls will be used over and over again they will provide great advertising exposure
  • Classic round Squeeze Balls with Custom Logos are available in many colors
  • Customized Imprinted Stress Balls are also available in many shapes
  • Some promotional stress balls are covered in fabric
  • Custom stress balls may even be scented
  • Some Customized Imprinted Stress Balls change color or shimmer when squeezed

OTHER FEATURES of Custom Stress Balls

Promotional Product - Stress-Relief Cyber Gel® Stress Ball
Promotional Product - DOCTOR Stress Ball


  • round balls
  • shapes other than round


  • el or liquid filled
  • fabric covered
  • foam center
  • scented

CONSIDERATIONS when selecting Custom Imprinted stress balls

Promotional Product - Stress-Relief Gooof™ Ball
Promotional Product - DICE Stress Ball

Who will receive the Custom Imprinted stress balls? They are not recommended for young children

Q: Intended use of the Promotional stress balls?
A: Tradeshow giveaway, promotional item, for employees or client gifts.

Style of stress balls – classic round or unique shape.
Size – always consider the person receiving the item, stress relievers are not recommended for young children.
Material – durability of material based on planned use.

Special features of Customized Imprinted stress balls – scented, fabric covered, gel filled or foam filled, unique shapes or as noteholder, keychain, pen top.