Customized Stress Relievers Buying Guide

Stress Relievers
Stress Relievers

Custom Imprinted Stress Relievers are great stress relievers. Stress balls come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Promotional Stress Balls and stress relievers are fun to squeeze during those stressful times

  • Promotional Stress Relievers can be used to promote events and as giveaways at tradeshows and conventions
  • Knowing that Promotional Imprinted stress relievers will be used over and over again they will provide great advertising exposure
  • With Custom Imprinted stress balls offered in many colors, shapes and sizes you are sure to find the right style for your promotion
  • Round Stress balls come in various sizes, colors and materials
  • Choose promotional stress relievers in many fun shapes and for special occasions: animal, nature, sports, transportation, travel, safety, environmental, household and tool, symbols, food, drink, holidays, patriotic and for celebration
  • Many shapes of Custom Imprinted Stress Relievers are available for your industry: education, travel, healthcare, financial, construction, auto, computer
  • A Custom stress reliever shape can be designed for your promotion
  • Stress relievers come on top of pens and as memo holders
  • Some promotional stress balls are covered in fabric or filled with gel
  • Custom stress balls may even be scented

OTHER FEATURES of Custom Stress Relievers

Stress Relievers
Stress Relievers


  • on a keychain
  • desktop size
  • round balls
  • special themes
  • novelty shapes


  • Gel filled
  • fabric covered
  • foam center
  • scented

CONSIDERATIONS when selecting Custom Imprinted stress relievers and stress balls

Stress Relievers
Stress Relievers

Who will receive the Custom Imprinted stress relievers? Stress relievers are not recommended for young children

Q: Intended use of the Promotional stress relievers and stress balls?

A: Tradeshow giveaway, school or office setting, promotional item

Style of Promotional Stress Relievers classic round or unique shape, keychain, pen or noteholder

Size always consider the person receiving the item, stress relievers are not recommended for young children

Material durability of material based on planned use

Special features of Custom Imprinted stress relievers and stress balls scented, fabric covered, gel filled or foam filled, noteholder, keychain, pen